Best Medical Billing Services

You’re the clinical expert. We’re revenue cycle, business, and regulatory experts. Leave business processes to us—we’ll keep you financially fit and focused on patient care.
Introducing QHS DME medical revenue management, a powerful service that collects more of your reimbursement faster, without the management headaches. Our renowned high-touch customer service is exceeded only by our relentless pursuit of every reimbursement dollar due you.


Medical Billing Services

Your Dedication, Deserve Compensation! That’s our model! Practice with peace of mind, knowing your claims are being handled with the proper care. On average, our clients receive payments within 14 days of service.


Credentialing Services

Whether you are just entering your field, starting a new practice, or adding a new provider, credentialing is an essential part of the medical billing process. Bill all the clean claims your heart desires, but if you’re not contracted with the insurance, you stand the risk of not being paid. Let us help ensure your clean claims are paid before seeing patients.

Medical Billing Services

End-to-end Medical Billing Services

With medical billing sophistication normally available only to large institutions, QHS puts you on equal footing with the systems of large payers in an affordable, manageable, worry-free service.

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Our diligent physician and payer follow-up activities also help reduce turn-around time and improve cash flow. The process starts with entry of orders and ends when the account has zero balance. This includes conducting eligibility checks, obtaining authorization, creating sales orders, scheduling delivery, submitting claims, managing rejections and denials, and proactively following-up AR.

~ Follow-up on incomplete prescription with physician’s office
~ Follow-up for document collection (diabetic verification forms, LMN, CMN etc.)
~ Error free patient entry
~ Error free sales order creation
~ 100% HIPAA compliance
~ Real time transaction audits
~ Primary and secondary insurance verification
~ Insurance verification for rental items
~ Obtaining authorizations & extending authorization
~ Open order audit and clean-up
~ CPAP user compliance tracking and counseling calls to non-compliant patients
~ Claims submission within 48 hours of receiving proof of delivery
~ Rejection follow-up within 24 hours
~ Tracking and follow-up of partial or incorrect payments
~ Denial management based on detailed analysis
~ Methodical and proactive AR follow-up
~ Timely payment posting to reflect accurate AR
~ Customized reporting

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