Based out of High Point, North Carolina; QHS is a leading, third-party medical billing, coding and consulting firm offering our support services to clients nationwide. We help our providers reduce costs and improve patient care with comprehensive packages and a-la-carte services, so your company only pays for what you need. Whether your business has the need to out-source or in-source; we have the solutions to allow for a mutually beneficial partnership providing our clients with the formula for success and the ability to thrive within the healthcare industry.

DME Billing Services

One of our specialties, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), consists of many types of medical devices, disposable supplies and orthopedic soft goods. Our Medical Billing Specialists transmit electronic HCFA claims to all four Medicare DMERCs, Medicaid, Commercial, Medicare Part B and Private Payers across the country. As a QHS customer, you can grow revenues faster and make your operations run smoother than ever. QHS turbocharges your billing and intake management operations, helping you stay in compliance while improving DSO and your collection-to-billing ratio.

Insourcing Billing Services

Medical Billing Services
QHS offers an “Insourcing” model that allows companies to keep their current staff and manage them using our software solutions offering a middle ground between outsourcing” or having an in house billing team. Our software becomes your software allowing your team to gain access to claims data and patient eligibility instantly.

Audit & Appeal Services

We provide needed audit relief to suppliers, allowing the supplier to focus on growing their business and taking care of their patients. QHS offers packages that include access to our experience and knowledge necessary to navigate the multitude of DME audits from numerous contractors.

Patient Collections

Stop billing your patients! Yes, you read that right. Aren’t you tired of sending out monthly patient statements only to be ignored? QHS offers the only all-in-one, complete solution to not only get providers paid faster, but also develop an upfront policy in getting paid, improving efficiency, and allowing your staff to concentrate on higher payoff activities. You would never walk into any other business expecting to walk out with free stuff, so why do your patients?

Special Projects

QHS can assist with all facets of the revenue cycle. Our team of professional can provide resources to help in the following areas:
  • Old A/R cleanup (all or specific payors, product lines etc.)
  • Software conversions
  • Obtain CMNs / PARs
  • On-hold cleanup
  • Open sales orders (assist in getting through the backlog of unconfirmed orders)
  • Payment posting

Denials & Rejection Analysis

Our Claims Analysts help reduce cost and improve collections by analyzing each claim on the front end to effectively minimize claim rejection rates and denials to get you paid faster and putting the funds where they belong, in your bank account. Each and every one of our providers experience a much faster claim payment and lower DSO allowing your practice to concentrate on your patients without the worrysome burden of collections and claim re-submission.

Electronic Claim Submission

Electronic Claim Submission
With numerous software suites and solutions, 99.9% of all claims submitted transmit electronically to not only reduce time spent filling out tedious forms, but to also help get your facility paid for services rendered as quickly as possible. They day of your claims being submitted by “snail-mail” is over.

Best Medical Billing Services

You’re the clinical expert. We’re revenue cycle, business, and regulatory experts. Leave business processes to us—we’ll keep you financially fit and focused on patient care. Introducing QHS DME medical revenue management, a Leading Medical Billing Agency that collects more of your reimbursement faster, without the management headaches. Our renowned high-touch customer service is exceeded only by our relentless pursuit of every reimbursement dollar due you.


Mobility Equipment

o-p professionals

O & P


O2 & Respiratory

Business Process Outsourcing

How Do You Make The Right Decision When It Comes To Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your medical billing can definitely be a tough decision to make but with QHS, Inc. by your side, that task becomes easier to accomplish. We offer you many different options based on your individual medical billing needs. Make QHS, Inc. your medical billing partner and eliminate all your doubts and worries while increasing your bottom line.

This is a very difficult time for providers and it is important to make the right decisions to stay ahead of competition. Be sure and pay close attention when choosing your medical billing service as this will directly and indirectly affect your profit. Accuracy, reliability, options, affordability, and guaranteed results are some of the important things to consider when you are searching for a medical billing service. QHS, Inc. is considered one of the top medical billing services in the industry.

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Medical Billing Companies

Finally, of course, you must ask about cost. The important thing is to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples. If a company’s fees are low, make certain they provide everything the higher priced companies do. Here are some examples of services often skimped on by less expensive companies:

  • Sending out patient statements in a timely fashion
  • Following up on low-ticket claims
  • Working accounts receivable
  • Following up on denied claims
  • Being proactive about pursuing incomplete information sent by the provider

With the answers to these questions in hand, you’ll be more than ready to choose the best medical billing company for your practice.

Pharmacy Billing

Pharmacy Billing Services

Become a certified professional in a few weeks. Hands on experience practical projects, also for executives and managers.

Medical Billing

Hire Medical Billing specialist

Learn growth hacking with our courses and get early traction for your startup Period.Master latest growth hacking strategies for your business growth.

DME Billing

DME Billing Services

Our events help you gain an edge in your business and give you the chance to interact with industry experts, your favorite influencers and your peers.


Pedors Shoes recommends Quality Healthcare Systems, Inc. (QHS, Inc.)


Hiram, GA – Pedors Shoes announced today that it has executed an agreement to collaborate with QHS to facilitate the billing process for healthcare providers fitting orthopedic diabetic footwear. Stephen O’Hare President of Pedors Shoes explained the reasons why there is now, more than ever, a need for specialized billing agencies.

“The recession has seen many qualified providers of diabetic footwear go out of business, especially the small Pedorthic practices that were usually privately owned , but provided a critical service in the community.” O’Hare went on to say that “recent additions to documentation requirements for diabetic shoes and inserts have resulted in many providers that have managed to remain in business, to discontinue offering diabetic footwear as a component of their DMEPOS services for fear of denials and audits. As a result, many patients who are in need of appropriate footwear no longer have access to suitable diabetic shoes.”

Pedors Shoes believes that QHS’ expertise in DMEPOS billing can help address the shortfall in the number of qualified providers and thus drastically reduce the denial of claims. The intent is to improve patient access to the Therapeutic Shoes for People with Diabetes benefit despite the unintended consequence of the changes to the so called qualified provider language and additional documentation requirements effectively limiting patient access.

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Antonio Del Valle

Antonio Del Valle

CEO Advanced Home Health of Tampa
QHS has been a blessing for ABC Home Medical Equipment. Their commitment to meet and accommodate our company needs were amazing. From the very beginning I knew I made the right choice. Their team goes far beyond of what we were expecting from a billing company. Their knowledge and expertise makes them stand out from other billing companies. Their main job is to collect the money, and believe me, they do. But because of their commitment they also help us to grow by showing us new ways to increase company revenues by adding new products to be more competitive in this complex and always changing industry. By saying this I may say that their main duty is to make you and your company successful.
For their knowledge, charisma, aptitude, integrity and results I highly recommend QHS to any company in the healthcare industry. To put it simply, they are the Best.

Edwin Hernandez

Director, HealthBridge
QHS has demonstrated to be a dependable and a trustworthy partner. It was with their assistance that HealthBridge was able to acquire its’ accreditation and state licensing. Specifically, their relationship with our firm has proven to be priceless. Their business acumen is something that can only be acquired through extensive industry experience. Additionally, their billing is on point. They continue to prove they’re the experts.
The QHS staff has been extremely kind and very responsive to our needs, small or big.The experience to make the accreditation and state licensing process a much more palatable experience.
I would rather hand off the billing and licensing processes to QHS and have it done properly the first time. Outsourcing those tasks have allowed us to maintain our continuity, focusing our efforts on growing our business and not concern ourselves on whether we’re getting paid on a product/service or not due to inexperience in billing. We would definitely recommend the services of QHS.

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